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A Video About The Difficulties of Alzheimer’s Disease

A great explanation of The Difficulties of Alzheimer’s Disease from the The Alzheimer’s Caregiver.  With 36.5 million sufferers affected by the disease which i quickly becoming a modern day epidemic with not cure.

“The Alzheimer’s Caregiver is a knowledge base meant to provide support for those caring for Alzheimer’s sufferers. Alzheimer’s is an incredibly difficult disease both for the sufferer and the caretaker, and we are an active network hoping to change the face of this degenerative mental disease. Our goal is to empower caregivers, helping them to support sufferers through each stage of the disease.”

We are trying to raise £20,000 for Alzheimer’s research please visit our website at http://worriedaboutmydaddy.com/ to watch our new music video introduced by Sir Cliff Richard about our dads experience with Alzheimer’s.  if you like it you can also download the song for free it for FREE. What have you got to loose??



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