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Interview Chris Ward and Joe Barnwell Salford City Radio Alzhiemer’s Disease

On Saturday 25th May 2013 Chris Ward met Joe Barnwell at Salford City Radio 94.4fm to do an interview about his latest song “Worried About My Daddy” and the devastating affects that Alzheimer’s Disease has on Alzheimer sufferers, family and friends.  The interview carried out by Joe investigated how the song came about and how to go about getting involved in supporting the drive to wipe Alzheimer’s off the face of the planet.

A big thanks to Joe and the team: Leona, Speedy Steve and Steve Yorke for the opportunity to play the song and all the help and support with promoting the song and our cause to raise £20k for the Alzheimer’s society and Alzheimer’s awareness.

1369756824034_upload.jpgPlease share this post with your friends in anyway you can and go to http://worriedaboutmydaddy.com/ to watch the Worried About My Daddy video introduced by Sir Cliff Richard a touching portrayal of our experience of our dad’s struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Not only that you can download the song for FREE and donate to the fight against this world wide epidemic that is  Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dave and Chris Ward

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