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Southport Triathlon 21 May 2017

About 10 years ago I added doing a triathlon to my bucket list. At the time, I thought I probably wouldn’t get it done. So, at the ripe old age of 61 I ended up putting my name forward for the Southport Sprint Triathlon (750-meter open water swim 20k bike ride and a 5k run) and some 6 months later I completed it without stopping and in an reasonable ish time which I was extremely pleased about.

Up until the day of the event I wasn’t sure if I would complete it as many old injuries seemed to surface while I was training  but worst of all about a week before the event I did something to my shoulder and an old injury  flared up( I should have had sorted years ago). The Monday before the event I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to do the swim (which was my strongest event by the way). I didn’t do any training all that week just rested and luckily it paid off.

The day of the Event.

So, this was my first triathlon and accompanied by my darling wife we made our way to Southport. Up at silly o’clock to get there for 06:30hrs to get set up. It was a cold morning as I put my (or our Tony’s) wet suit on and thought this water is going to be freezing. We made our way to the lake for the safety brief with the rest of my group. Before the race started Jeanette took the obligatory pics as I shivered. A few minutes later as i walked in I found out that the water was indeed absolutely freezing. The lake in Southport marina isn’t the cleanest in the world and the mud at the bottom is pretty awful. The race started. and 18 min 55 secs later (which was pretty good for me) I got out of the water to Jeanette shouting well done Dave. Then it was off to transition.

Getting that bloody wet suit off and your riding gear on when you can’t feel your hands isn’t easy as the 8-min transition 1 time attests but I did it in the end.

There was a strong breeze on the bike ride coming off the sea but 46 min later the 20k was complete and with a much shorter transition time of 3:38.

Off the bike and in to the run my legs felt a little uncertain at first as I tried to get a rhythm going. The run was tougher than I thought but I got it done in 25:47 which once again I was very pleased with.  My objective for this triathlon was nothing more than to complete it without stopping which I did so full marks to me for achieving my objective.

A few words about my beautiful wife Jeanette. She came with me as I said earlier and took all the pics but she was also there at the transitions and the start and end of each event encouraging me and shouting me on. She was literally all over the place. It meant a lot to me and kept me going when I was feeling the pace. Thank you my for being there once again. 

So this was all in aid of our Worried About My Daddy Alzheimer’s appeal and we raised £171 in cash and £250 through just giving(£421) which brings our grand total so far to £19,685 which is only £315 short of out £20,000 objective. Getting really close now watch this space!!!

Some big thank you’s:

Jeanette for all the encouragement on the day, for taking the pics and for putting up with all the training and shenanigans that went along with it.

Everyone who sponsored me for the event especially those who have sponsored me time and time again over the last few years for this fantastic cause.

Craig for lending me his bike to do the ride

Tony for lending me his wet suit.

The guys at Total fitness who encouraged me to do the event and gave me loads of tips and support.

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