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THE FADE Worried About My Daddy Gig 12 August 2016

On the 12th August 2016 a rather special event took place in aid of the “Worried About My Daddy” Alzheimer’s appeal. A well know Wigan band The Fade agreed to do a one off come- back gig to help support the cause. A tremendous amount of work and preparation went in to the night which was a raging success. Some of the details and pictures of the night are outlined below:

A little bit of history and the chain of events

The Fade were an established indie group formed in the mid 1990’s inspired by what was a special time in British music culture. Playing covers and original music on the Northwest gig scene The Fade had a good loyal following and played to packed crowds wherever they went.


In 2006 the band went their separate ways with three of the four members moving down to London. The band remained good friends and met regularly over the years between then and 2016. Each time the band met up they would reminisce about the good times on the road gigging and the hours they spent practicing in the studio creating their own quality songs. They always discussed that one day a reunion gig should take place.

Christmas 2015 the band met for a few beers as they did every Christmas and discussed a 10-year anniversary gig the following year. The band were already aware of the “Worried About My Daddy” as Paul, the lead singer, is the son of one the original campaign organisers, Chris Ward. The Band members all agreed that the gig should take place in a bid to raise more funds for the cause.

In January 2016 discussions took place with Jonny Davenport and Dave Jenkins who are good friends of the band and are now the directors of the Old Courts Music Venue in Wigan town centre. The lads kindly agreed that because the gig was for charity the venue could be hired for a minimal fee just to cover costs. All bands members checked their diaries for the year and agreed on 12th August 2016. The venue was booked and the gig was on!


Over the coming months many discussions took place and eventually a final set list was agreed. They would play eleven 90’s indie classics by the likes of The Charlatans, Shed Seven, Ocean Colour Scene etc. plus, of course, three original The Fade songs; Red Bonfire, To The Sun and Live for The Weekend. Colin (drummer), Alex (guitar) and Steve (bass) rehearsed in London regularly working on the musical and structural elements of the songs. Videos of rehearsals were recorded and sent back to Paul (singer) to familiarize himself with song structure etc.

Whilst the band were rehearsing down south Paul and Jonny worked on the marketing, ticket and poster creation and Facebook event page and eventually ticket distribution once the bookings started rolling in.

Paul also spoke with their past manager Chris Devany in relation to becoming part of the night, which he jumped at. Chris had extensive experience of fundraising and hosting successful events. With this being a charity night other acts were required to make it a full evening and a band called The Lines agreed to support The Fade. Also, Jeff Critchley, one of Paul’s cousins agreed to do his first ever stand-up comedy routine. Other money raising ideas were discussed and an auction and raffle was decided. Companies such as local football clubs, restaurants, gym etc. were approached and prizes consisting of meals out, football stadium tours, match tickets, a holiday, tools, gym passes etc. were all donated.

With the band members having lots of commitments during the months leading up to the gig a risky strategy of getting together one weekend in August was agreed for 3 days of intensive rehearsals at a studio in London. Paul travelled to London where rehearsals went very well as the band naturally clicked back together.

August the 12th 2016 finally arrived where ticket sales reached just under 200 and so the Old Courts in Wigan started to fill up to a fantastic atmosphere. The Compere and Auctioneer for the night Chris Deveney (or Dev to his friends) did an amazing job. The auction was a huge success! The Lines did a great set and were very entertaining and got the crowd warmed up for things to come. Many thanks to them for their support we all enjoyed their music so much.



Dev next introduced Jeff Critchley who did a very brave thing, for the very first time he did a short stand-up comedy routine. Never the easiest thing to do I’m sure you’ll agree but Jeff stepped up to the mark, did it in his own inimitable style and got some great laughs. Well done Jeff for putting yourself on the line in aid of this great cause.


Dev then drew the raffle and the lucky winners received their prizes. Again a huge thank you for the various sponsors who donated.

And so, as The Fade waited to go on stage everyone packed into the main room at the Old Courts. Dev introduced the band: Alex Fordham – Guitar & backing vocals, Colin Oldfield – Drums & Percussion, Steve Jones – Bass and Paul Ward – Lead Vocals.  For the first time in 10 years The Fade were on stage once again and were watched by over 200 people.

It was a true testimony to The Fade that the gig took place at all considering the obstacles they faced about band members living in opposite ends of the country, issues with rehearsals, commuting all members, having to go to work and a whole plethora of other stuff.


The lads hadn’t lost their touch though and bashed out some old covers and a series of their own songs. It was a tremendous spectacle to watch them all pull together and recreate their sound from the past.  The crowd were singing along to the old anthems and the night just got better and better.  This was a fantastic show from The Fade. Their performance was pitch perfect and a credit to their musical skill, determination and passion considering they had not played together for 10 years. AWESOME!!

A whopping £1419.87 was raised after all fees and costs deducted and it was a fantastic night for the “Worried about My Daddy” Charity.  This brings our total to £17,604.87 just £2,395.13 away from out target of £20,000.


More Pics of the gig are below why not check them out! If you would like to donate, please click here to go to our Just Giving Page. Thank you.

The WAMD team would like to thank everyone involved in making this such a successful event. 

Jonny Davenport – Director Old Courts
Dave Jenkins – Director Old Courts
Christopher Devany – Compere, Auctioneer – Marketing, liaison

The Lines 

Jeff Critchly

Everyone involved in helping with tickets and at the venue on the night, Everyone who attended the gig and made it such a great night.

And of course the fantastic Fade whose drive, commitment and determination made it all happen! 

Paul ward – Lead Vocalist,
Alex Fordham – Guitar, backing vocals,
Colin Oldfield – Drums, Percussion
Steve Jones – bass

 Images from the GIG



Those Travellin’ Strings sure did do it again

The Date Friday 5th August 2016, the time 20:00hrs and the venue St John Fisher in Kearsley. Those Travellin’ Strings sure did it again! Another incredible event in Aid of the Worried About My Daddy Alzheimer’s Appeal raising another amazing £1,711.34 for the Alzheimer’s Society.

This was a three-hour extravaganza consisting of tracks from famous artist like The Beatles, The Bee Gees, Herman’s Hermits, John Denver and many, many more PLUS two un-announced guest appearances from not only the famous ‘Dean Martin’ but also none other than the one and only ‘Elvis Presley’.

In addition to this was a very, very special appearance from Christine Tongue who contacted Chris and explained that she is a care worker at a care home in Atherton looking after people with Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. Christine wanted to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society too and went on to say that she would like to do a sponsored head shave live in front of the audience at the gig!!!! How extremely brave of her!

So, a fun packed evening was on the cards and all of those who attended were not disappointed.

The Travellin’ Strings did their first set waxing lyrical with a set packed with old favorites warming the audience up for things to come.


Dean Martin aka Chris Ward did a rendition of that old classic “Little Old Wine Drinker Me” and Elvis (the Pelvis) aka Colin O Brian sang the timeless classic “Its Only Make Believe”.

img_3933-17c img_3949-22c

True to her word Christine very bravely had her golden locks shaved off to thunderous applause raising an amazing £555 for the Alzheimer’s Society. A special and deserving mention to Christine for such a great job. We hope your hair grows back soon?

img_3971-28c img_3964-27c img_3975-30c img_3990-32c

Before we knew it, it was time for the second set from the Travellin’ Strings with a variety of dance and sing-a-long-songs taking us to the end of the evening. By this time the audience were up having a fine old time dancing and singing their heads off. A great night was had by all.

Events like this don’t just happen so we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who helped on the organization and running of the event:

A special mention to friends from St John Fisher who kept a very well stocked bar and efficiently served the food that was supplied by Wilsons Pies of Kearsley. They also organized and ran the raffle which was held during the break.

And of course a massive THANKS to the Travellin’ Strings for all their hard work and effort on this and all the other events they have supported.

An outstanding total of £1,711.34 was raised which is pretty amazing. This brings our total to £16,185.  Our £20,000 goal is within reach, we just need to work hard and focus for the next few months to achieve it. If you would like to donate, please follow this link  to our Just Giving Page. Thank you.



Click the image below to see what happened on the night!


WAMD Movember 2016

This year the gang of three, Chris, Dave and Tony agreed to the Movember Challenge in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society.  Chris also asked two of the parishioners from St John Fisher Church in Kearsley, Mike Curless and Peter Middleton to join us. 

Bravely against protestations and looks of total horror from family and friends we started the challenge.  Looking clean shaven and respectable at first we got down to the serious work of growing our beards and muzzy’s.  Dave went for the full beard look (or Captain Birdseye as he was called) and everyone else adopted mustaches El-Gringo style.  Whilst the growing of beards and muzzy’s is uncomfortable and irritating this was a small price to pay for the support and good wishes we received from family and friends whilst doing it.  As you can see from the photos we all managed to achieve our goals in one form or another concluding Movember with either a snazzy looking El-gringo mustache or a suave looking beard. A total of £571 (this includes Some just giving donations) was raised through the Movember Event which is absolutely outstanding. This brings our WAMD total to a fantastic £13,183.30 for the Alzheimer’s Society so far. Pretty Awesome!!!

Special thanks go out to Peter Middleton and his family.  Peter had been ill for some time but towards the end of November was admitted to Bolton Hospice.  Sadly, Peter passed away in December. We sincerely appreciate Peter’s bravery and his support for the Alzheimer’s cause and our thoughts and prayers go out to Peter’s family at this very sad time.

The Gang of Five!

Chris & Peter

Chris & Mike
mike careless

Chris Dave & Tony
IMG_0480Chris Dave & tony

Receipt To Follow:

Movember 2015 receipts

Movember 2015 Dave







A busy October, November and December for Chris and the Strings

Market Place 13 Dece 2014Well it been a very busy October, November and December for Chris and the Travellin Strings culminating in a number of very successful Christmas shows. In all the Strings did 6 shows and raised a total of £1,422.27 for the Alzheimer’s Society which is absolutely fantastic.  It was also Chris’s birthday in October Happy birthday from all of us. Chris asked family and friends to give a donation to the Alzheimer’s society instead of buying him presents and raised £95 in birthday donations. Tremendous job Chris. This gives us a fantastic total of £1517.27 and our grand total so far to an awesome £11,040.40. 

A big thanks to Chris and the Travellin Strings for all there hard work and enthusiasm over the Christmas and New Year period. The very best of wishes for the future and may 2015 be the best of years for all of you.

Dave Ward

Below is a list of the fund raising events that the strings played at:

Kenyon Rise Nursing Home 30 October 2014 = £140

St Johns Wingate’s Parish Church Westhoughton 15 November 2014 = £137.85

Thurston’s Care Home Westhoughton 27 November 2014 = £50

Chew More 5th December 2014 = £115

Westhoughton Market 6th December 2014 = £88.76

Bolton Market 13 December 2014 = 890.66

Chris Ward (Birthday Donations) £95

Some Pics and video from the above events:


A big thanks to Chris and the Travellin Strings for all there hard work and enthusiasm over the Christmas period. Best wishes for the future and may 2015 be the best of years for all of you.

Dave Ward


Reciepts from 2 AZ

Reciepts from AZ

Reciepts from 1 AZ

Westhoughton Pentecostal Church Fund Raiser

06-DSC_0134A big thank you to everyone at the Westhoughton Pentecostal Church near Bolton who on the 21st November 2013 raised a fantastic £345 for the Alzheimer’s Society.  The money was raised from a concert done by the Traveling Strings Group on the 20 October 2013. Chris was presented with the cheque by Mr Martin Speed from the Pentecostal Church.  Also at the presentation was Aimee Claire (Community Fundraiser) for the  Alzheimer’s society.

flagallery gid=5][flagallery gid=5]Reciept1


A selection of Photos from the event courtesy of Ian Smith


A massive thanks to everyone who made donations and who supported this fantastic fund raising event in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society.



Ron Grant, 59, Living With Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (VIDEO)

Ron Grant – Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

28-07-2013 13-44-36Here is an excellent video from a guy called Ron Grant who has been diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease from the Huffington post read and watch

A former prison chaplain, Ron Grant, 60, used to read constantly. “I have several degrees… I had to read books all the time,” Grant told Huff Post Live.

Unfortunately, Grant lost the ability to read five years ago following an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. He could no longer keep up with his job as a prison chaplain and had to go on social security to support himself and his family.

Grant is certainly not alone in his struggles. An estimated 5.4 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease and 200,000 Americans have early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, which affects people 65 and under. Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease can strike people as young as 40 years old. Many young people diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s are working professionals, a long way from retirement age.

In the early stages of Alzheimer’s, people can experience a window of time when they are not entirely impaired, yet they are often excluded from regular life prematurely. A growing number of patients at this stage — people like Grant — are speaking out on how it feels to be shut out too soon.

To learn more about living with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, watch the video below.


Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures 2013

Alz FactsIn this video are Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures 2013 from the US but the principles and trends are exactly the same in the UK. This is scary stuff!!


We are trying to raise £20,000 for Alzheimer’s research please visit our website at http://worriedaboutmydaddy.com/ to watch our new music video introduced by Sir Cliff Richard about our dads experience with Alzheimer’s.  If you like it you can also download the song for FREE.

Best wishes 

Dave and Chris Ward 




A brief history of Alzheimer’s Disease

Worried about MY daddu - Dr. Alois Alzheimer’sOne could trace back the history of Alzheimer’s disease from a presentation and lecture made by a German psychiatrist in 1906 during 37th Meeting of Southwest German Psychiatrists held in Tübingen.

Dr. Alois Alzheimer presented his findings on a woman who had died after years of having memory problems and confusion.
When Dr. Alzheimer autopsied the patient’s brain, he found thick deposits of neuritic plaques outside and around the nerve cells. He also found a lot of twisted bands of fibers or neurofibrillary tangles inside the nerve cells.

Today, medical specialists need to find the presence of the same plaques and tangles at autopsy in order to have a conclusive diagnosis that Alzheimer’s disease indeed caused the disease. And due to this lecture and achievement in research and studies, the medical community has bestowed the honor of naming the disease after Dr. Alzheimer.

However, Dr. Alzheimer’s work only signaled the start of years of medical research and studies which could only resolve the mysteries of the disease by so much. Up until now, Alzheimer’s disease has still unknown origin and remains to have no cure. At first, the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease was limited for individuals between the ages of 45-65 since the symptoms of pre-senile dementia due to the histopathologic process are more common and prominent during this age.

However, during the 1970s and early 1980s, the term Alzheimer’s disease began to be used to refer to patients of all ages that manifest the same symptoms.

Statistics show that around 350,000 new cases of Alzheimer’s disease are being diagnosed each year. It is estimated that by 2050, there are 4.5 million Americans afflicted by the disease. Recent studies have shown that there is an increase risk of contracting and developing Alzheimer’s as one grows older.

It has been reported that 5 percent of Americans between the ages of 65 to 74 suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Also, half of those in the 85 years and older age group are more likely to have the disease.

Genetics have also been seen as a factor in the development of the disease. Scientists have found out that mutations on chromosomes 9 and 19 have been associated with the later stages of Alzheimer’s. However, not everyone that manifests the mutations results to having the disease. Up until now, the relationship between genetics and late-onset Alzheimer’s is still a grey area.

Meanwhile, other research has associated trauma as a factor that increases the risk of acquiring the disease. There are also evidences which suggest that lack of exercise increases the risk factor of Alzheimer’s. It is important to avoid high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and low levels folate in order to decrease the risk of developing the disease.

There are basically three stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Stage 1 or Mild Stage is the early of the disease. At this stage patients become less energetic and will experience slight memory loss. Often times, the symptoms at this stage are either go unnoticed or are ignored as but trivial or normal occurrences.

At Stage 2 or Moderate stage, the patient needs to be assisted in some complicated tasks and memory loss is no highly noticeable. The final stage is the severest stage. Because the disease already progresses too far this point, the patient is unable to perform simple tasks and will lose the ability to walk or eat without help.

We are trying to raise £20,000 for Alzheimer’s research please visit our website at http://worriedaboutmydaddy.com/ to watch our new music video introduced by Sir Cliff Richard about our dads experience with Alzheimer’s.  If you like it you can also download the song for free it for FREE. What have you got to loose??

Rush University Study Shows Revalesio?s RNS60 Protects Against Memory Loss in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer?s Disease

Rush University Study Shows Revalesio’s RNS60 Protects Against Memory Loss in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

Tacoma, WA (PRWEB) November 06, 2012

Revalesio’s novel therapeutic RNS60 prevented memory loss and improved learning in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers from Rush University and Revalesio Corporation presented the research at the Society for Neuroscience (SFN) annual meeting (October 13-17) in New Orleans. In addition to improved memory and learning, the animals treated with RNS60 had significantly reduced levels of cellular markers associated with Alzheimer’s disease compared to untreated mice.


Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common cause of senile dementia in the US and Europe. AD is characterized by progressive cognitive impairment, beginning as memory loss but eventually involving multiple cognitive and behavioral domains.


Earlier research demonstrated that RNS60, a novel anti-inflammatory therapeutic containing charge-stabilized oxygen nanobubble-based structures, inhibits the expression of proinflammatory molecules and glial activation markers in cultured glial (brain) cells. The research presented at SFN demonstrated that injection of RNS60 reduced the activation of glial cells in the brains of mice and protected the memory and learning in mice that were genetically modified to develop Alzheimer’s disease (FAD 5X transgenic mice).


In addition to protecting the memory and learning functions, levels of inflammatory markers in the brain were significantly lower in RNS60-treated mice compared to the control groups (untreated transgenic mice or normal saline treated transgenic mice). RNS60 significantly reduced memory impairment in FAD 5X transgenic mice compared to untreated animals. Learning and memory functions in RNS60-treated animals were indistinguishable from those of non-transgenic, normal mice. These results demonstrate the promise of RNS60 as a new therapy for AD by modulating glial activation and neuroinflammation.


Revalesio is pursuing additional research into AD in conjunction with Dr. Kalipada Pahan at Rush University Medical Center and with Dr. Rodolfo Llinas at New York University’s Langone Medical Center. Researchers from Rush University and Revalesio are preparing a manuscript for publication in a scientific journal. Revalesio is preparing to study RNS60 in Multiple Sclerosis with a Phase II clinical trial at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York.


About RNS60

Revalesio has pioneered the use of RNS60 as a therapeutic that alters whole cell conductance through effects on voltage-gated ion channels and other voltage-sensing proteins, thereby modulating the activity of G protein-coupled receptors and the secretion of cytokines, chemokines resulting in decreased inflammation and cell death. RNS60 contains charge-stabilized nanostructures (CSN) that are created by subjecting normal saline to Taylor-Couette-Poiseuille (TCP) flow. RNS60 has demonstrated a reduction in inflammatory responses that are linked to numerous diseases, including neurodegenerative, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.


About Revalesio Corporation

Revalesio is a pioneering clinical stage biomedical company dedicated to restoring hope and transforming lives. Founded in 2000 and based in Tacoma, Washington, Revalesio has partnered with leaders in biomedical research around the world to develop RNS60. Revalesio has an extensive patent portfolio on a novel class of anti-inflammatory products and is advancing the use of CSN in neuro-inflammatory, respiratory, cardiovascular and other inflammatory diseases. For more information about Revalesio, visit revalesio.com.


Press Contact:

Jesse Thomas



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What is Alzheimer’s disease?

What is Alzheimer’s disease? A question asked by millions as they, there family or friends are affected by it.  Watch this short but very informative video to find out exactly what happens.

To watch our new video and download our new song about Alzheimer’s Disease “Worried About My Daddy” introduced by Sir Cliff Richard and to learn more about  Alzheimer’s Disease an how to help fight against it go to http://worriedaboutmydaddy.com/