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WAMD Movember 2016

This year the gang of three, Chris, Dave and Tony agreed to the Movember Challenge in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society.  Chris also asked two of the parishioners from St John Fisher Church in Kearsley, Mike Curless and Peter Middleton to join us. 

Bravely against protestations and looks of total horror from family and friends we started the challenge.  Looking clean shaven and respectable at first we got down to the serious work of growing our beards and muzzy’s.  Dave went for the full beard look (or Captain Birdseye as he was called) and everyone else adopted mustaches El-Gringo style.  Whilst the growing of beards and muzzy’s is uncomfortable and irritating this was a small price to pay for the support and good wishes we received from family and friends whilst doing it.  As you can see from the photos we all managed to achieve our goals in one form or another concluding Movember with either a snazzy looking El-gringo mustache or a suave looking beard. A total of £571 (this includes Some just giving donations) was raised through the Movember Event which is absolutely outstanding. This brings our WAMD total to a fantastic £13,183.30 for the Alzheimer’s Society so far. Pretty Awesome!!!

Special thanks go out to Peter Middleton and his family.  Peter had been ill for some time but towards the end of November was admitted to Bolton Hospice.  Sadly, Peter passed away in December. We sincerely appreciate Peter’s bravery and his support for the Alzheimer’s cause and our thoughts and prayers go out to Peter’s family at this very sad time.

The Gang of Five!

Chris & Peter

Chris & Mike
mike careless

Chris Dave & Tony
IMG_0480Chris Dave & tony

Receipt To Follow:

Movember 2015 receipts

Movember 2015 Dave