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The Liverpool Cathedral Abseil 2016 £295 Raised

So, we got this call from Steph (our contact at Alzheimer’s Society HQ in Warrington) asking us if we would like to take part in the Liverpool Cathedral 2016 Abseil. Steph that the abseil had come up and she thought it was right up my street. “You betcha!” says I. “I’m in!” I gave big-brother Chris a call and he said “yep” straight away. I then rang little brother Tony but, unfortunately, he was on holiday on the date of the event – 30th July 2016. Oh well, that’s how it goes kidder! So it was set, the Liverpool Cathedral Abseil was on.

So Chris & I busied ourselves getting sponsors and preparing ourselves psychologically for the big day. I jumped off a couple off high steps and Chris went up a really high ladder. We were ready, bring it on!

ALZ Abseil0530th July arrived and we headed down to the Cathedral for our specified abseil time of 17:30 hrs. We arrived early to take in the atmosphere and watch others taking the plunge so to speak down the front of the Cathedral. The first thing that struck me was how bloody high it was. The second thing was we still had over half an hour to wait until it was our turn. This in itself wasn’t that bad as there was lot’s going on at the event. There were six of us altogether including me and Chris. Jeanette, Zoe, Nelson and Lynn came along to cheer us on and act as our camera crew. Lots of other people were there supporting their friends and family members so there was a great atmosphere and we had plenty of time cheer others on and crack those awful abseiling jokes.

The time went by quite quickly, no-one had fallen, which was extremely reassuring, when finally, our turn came. I didn’t feel nervous at all getting kitted up with the helmet and the harness, although not so sure about Chris. He looked cool as a cucumber though which was probably due to his time in the Fire Service running up and down those ladders. We were then directed into the cathedral for our ascent to the top with cheers of “good luck!”

ALZ Abseil15A quick trip in the lift up a floor or two and then up a set of pretty narrow steps to the top of the cathedral. There was a small queue of people going out and getting harnessed up. There were two ladies in front of us who were extremely brave. I don’t know their names but they were pretty scared by all of this and were having second thoughts about actually completing the abseil. In the end with a little coaxing and reassurance they did it so well done to them.

It was coming up to our turn and were informed that we would have to go down separately which was not our plan at all. We explained to the lady who was pre-prepping everyone that we had flown in from New York that morning to do the abseil on this world renowned heritage site and that we really did need to go over the top together as people were taking pictures of us. “Flew in from New York?” she said. “Honest, yep” says I with all the sincerity in the world. “747 earlier today. This means so much to us” I added. “You’re kidding?” she says. Next thing Chris pipes up it was actually Chicago we flew in from. Just then her partner says “Even if they are kidding they should go together for just for stringing a line like that”. What a guy! “Okay you go together” she says “get ready”.

Before we knew it there’s a guy doing a second check on our harness and ropes and explaining the fundamentals of how to use the abseiling gear. Then we were stepping out. Chris went out first and waited for me to come a minute later. The view was amazing. It was a clear day and the whole of Merseyside was on view. We leaned out and the official photographer took our pics.

ALZ Abseil08

Our descent was slow as we took everything in. We stopped (or dangled) for snaps as Jeanette and Lynn clicked away below. As we got close we could hear music and as I recall it was a Queen number, Another one bites the Dust. Not the best song to abseil to but we had a good laugh about it. Far too soon we were down and it was all over. We had done it and what an experience it was too.

A special thanks to everyone on the day for organizing the event especially the abseiling staff, they were great. We felt extremely safe from the moment we put the harness on. Also a big thank you to everyone who donated to this event. We raised a fantastic £ 300 for the Alzheimer’s Society. This brings our total to £14,474 so we are now getting close to our Fund Raising objective of £20,000.

More Pics From The Abseil

Donations break-down:

£190 cash (big thanks to those Total Fitness Guys)


£110 through Justgiving big thanks to everyone who donated on-line.

This gives us a total of £300 donated for the event which is slightly different to the amount above because of late donations through Justgiving

Thanks once again to everyone for your continued support over the years  If you would like to donate, please follow this link https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/worriedaboutmydaddy to our Just Giving Page.

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